About PeCCO


1.  Shalom Seniors Activity Centre (SSAC)
PEACE-Connect SAC started as Shalom Seniors Activity Centre (SSAC) in November 1995 operating from a one-room unit in Block 4 Beach Road.  In March 1998, the Centre was moved into a bigger premise on Level 2 of Block 5 Beach Road.  Then, the ‘ward blocks’ were only Blocks 4 & 5 at Beach Road. These were one-room HDB rented units which were installed with the Alert Alarm System.

By the year 2003, SSAC was selected among the first three existing Seniors Activity Centres to be up-graded to a Neighbour Link (NL).

2.  PEACE-Connect Neighbourhood Link (PCNL)
PCNL was situated on the ground level of Block 8 North Bridge Road. As a NL, the centre provided inter-generational activities, support and care for the residents of the 21 blocks in Kampong Glam.

In general, PCNL looked after the interests of the residents at large. However, her special role as an elderly-service provider has not only remained but expanded to cover 5 blocks of 1-room HDB rented units installed with the Alert Alarm System at Blocks 4 & 5 of Beach Road and Blocks 7, 8 & 9 of North Bridge Road.

3.  PEACE-Connect Seniors Activity Centre (PCsac)
PCsac was the new service model in operations from June 2010. As a SAC, PEACE-Connect no longer serves all the residents of the 21 blocks of HDB flats in Kampong Glam.

The focus is now strictly on seniors, above 60 years of age, who live in the rental HDB one/two-room units in Kampong Glam. The Service Cluster for PCsac comprises the 9 blocks at Block 4/5 (Beach Road), Block 6/7/8/9/10 (North Bridge Road) and Block 18/19 Jalan Sultan.

PEACE-Connect SAC’s mission statement is to provide and effect an active, conducive environment by connecting with the old and needy through engagement, care and trust.

Operated by Holy Trinity Church


Affiliated to Singapore Anglican Community Services