The Community Resource, Engagement and Support Team (CREST) serves as a basic community safety network for people with dementia and depression, and caregivers who need the additional support to care for their loved ones. CREST is embedded in the community as the “linking point” between residents and the appropriate mental health care and social support networks, through outreach and education. CREST addresses the gaps in the community and has been crafted to provide for the need of integration in the community between families, health and social agencies and the government.

CREST @ PeCCO aims to :

  • Recognise seniors who are well but at risk, for early intervention;
  • Recognise seniors with mental illness e.g. dementia, depression – referred by their families, welfare and grassroots organisations and civic groups – and connect them with the right service for diagnosis and treatment;
  • Help seniors and caregivers locate the right care and assistance in the healthcare and social services systems e.g. hospitals and clinics for medical and psychiatric care; welfare groups and community service organisations for rehabilitation, social and financial help;
  • Provide basic emotional support to clients and caregivers;
  • Follow up on residents who are discharged from hospitals to help them reintegrate back into their community.;


We serve:

  • Seniors aged 60 years old and above who live in the central region, primarily Kampong Glam and nearby estates
  • Residents at risk or suffering from depression and/or dementia and other mental illness, e.g. psychiatric disorder
  • Caregivers of identified clients who may be susceptible or suffering from caregiver stress

How to make a referral?