PEACE-Connect Senior Activity Centre

PCsac was the new service model in operations from June 2011. As a SAC, PEACE-Connect no longer serves all the residents of the 21 blocks of HDB flats in Kampong Glam.

The focus is now strictly on seniors, above 60 years of age, who live in the rental HDB one/two-room units in Kampong Glam. The Service Cluster for PCsac comprises the 9 blocks at Block 4/5 (Beach Road), Block 6/7/8/9/10 (North Bridge Road) and Block 18/19 Jalan Sultan.

The spirit of PEACE-Connect SACs (PeCCO-SACs) remains as “one in an extended family”:

  • To provide for and assist in appropriate services by mobilizing community resources for senior residents
  • To manage the Alert Alarm System (AAS)
  • To promote an active lifestyle towards volunteerism among seniors and other residents
  • • To provide a platform for the inter-generational interaction among residents; between residents and community-minded partners

The two signature services provided by PCsac are:

  • The Meals Programme for the seniors subsidised by Kampong Glam Community Club.
  • The Alert Alarm System (AAS) provided and maintained by the HDB

PeCCO-SAC@5 Past Events

PeCCO-SAC@8 Past Events

 General Services & Programmes:

  • Routine House Visits (Healthy Normal)
  • Regular House Visits (Homebound Seniors)
  • Breakfast & Afternoon Tea
  • Bingo Game
  • Karaoke Sessions
  • Sing-a-long Sessions
  • ‘Muzikercise’ (Music & Exercise Sessions)
  • Hair-cut Service
  • Outings & Visits to Places of Interest
  • Festive/Cultural Celebration
  • Event Collaboration with Grassroots/Agencies
  • Post-hospital Care Tracking
  • Wellness Programme (e.g. Physiotherapy)
  • Information & Referral Services
  • Mail-reading Assistance
  • Form-filling Assistance
  • Newspaper/TV Corner

  • Mutual Help or Care Groups
  • Keep-fit with Exercise Equipment
  • Ration Provisioning (for needy seniors/families)
  • Public Education Talks
  • Ad-hoc Services (e.g. health screening)
  • Cluster Support
  • Senior Group Home@8
  • Senior Activity Centre@5
  • Senior Activity Centre@8

Find Us at

Block 5 Beach Road #02-4943 Singapore 190005
Tel: 6291 4156

Block 8 North Bridge Road #01-4102
Singapore 190008
Tel: 6392 0460