VOLUNTEERING in PeCCO begins with the desire to connect with our elderly residents and passion to help those in need.

Volunteering is an act to serve; recognising that people who live around us form a community of potential friends. It widens our traditional definition of community to go beyond kinship, nationality, race, language or religion.

The need for Volunteers is paramount as our population ages, traditional kinship support weakens, dwindling family sizes, long working hours and frequent work-related travel by caregivers. Volunteers alleviate single caregiver stress too.

Regular engagement and interaction with our elderlies build the foundation of a Kampung Spirit. Through our many activities and services, serving the most vulnerable transforms lives positively for both giver and receiver.  If you are looking for a sign, THIS IS IT ! Be a part of us, WE WANT YOU !



Caring Assistance from Neighbours ( C.A.N. )’ Volunteers
The Caring Assistance from Neighbours (CAN) programme is a joint effort by Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and Agency for Integrated Care (AIC). CAN volunteers are identified and trained to visit our elderlies on a regular basis. Their primary roles include befriending, reminding clients to take medication and accompanying clients for medical appointments.

Resident Volunteers
These volunteers, who are our regular users, assist us in the daily operations of our centres. For e.g. manning of reception counters, opening and closing of our centres etc. They also assist us in the running of our daily programmes.

Corporate with events
These corporate partners, together with their family and staff, work very closely with us to support many projects and initiatives, which positively impacts our elderlies. These include Food Distribution, House-cleaning or painting etc.

Regular Volunteers
These selfless group of volunteers contribute their time and skills regularly in various projects to improve the quality of life of our elderlies. For e.g.
Project SUNSHINE ( Befriending )
Hair-cut ( Personal Grooming )
Massage for females
Silver Liners / Music & Movement ( Dancing )
Meals Programme ( Serving Food )

Benefits of Volunteering

Our Volunteer programmes offer you opportunities to :

* Serve your community.
* Meet new people, develop new skills, and discover new experiences
* Foster new friendships and be of service to others.
* Work alongside with PeCCO staff.
* First hand Training and Information for latest Government Schemes/ benefits
* Brush up on old skills and gain new ones through training
* Attend Guest Speaker workshops
* Attend Volunteer Recognition luncheons.
* Contribute as an active and vital member of our community.

Volunteering begins with the desire to CONNECT and serve the elderlies in our community.
Serving with enthusiasm, IMPACT positively the lives of both giver and receiver
Social, Medical, and Spiritual supports via Volunteering IMPROVE the quality of life for our elderlies.
Volunteering begins with a PASSION to assist those in need.